- Planning For Life After You

Even if you have prepared a will and your loved ones know where it can be located it is inevitable that it will not contain all of the information they will need to put your affairs in order. 


This work-book produced by Worthy Conclusions is to assist you to provide a comprehensive summary of your day to day life and final wishes which will help your loved ones or executor when the time comes to finalise your life’s formalities.



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Completing the sections in this book will give your loved ones a comprehensive guide to your affairs and how to deal  with them:



  • Ease the burden of tasks by eliminating the      guesswork for those left behind


  • Share your personal preferences for everything from funeral planning to looking after your pets


  •  Supply the information needed to wind up your affairs including any on-line presence


  • Leave a legacy of memories and more


  •  Card included to inform loved ones about your workbook




"This very clear, well written and accessible guide is an indispensable aid for those wishing to ensure that loved ones will be able to cope after they themselves have passed on. It covers all the crucial details, both practical and personal that have to be attended to, using a mix of checklists, advice sections and references to other sources of information and support. The format and style mean that anyone will be able to follow the sequences as they are presented, and the tone throughout is sympathetic and caring. I would recommend it to all private individuals and also to executors, advisers, counsellors and those involved in any other ways in after-death formalities." Tony Thorne 


“In all my years as a financial planner this is one of the best and most valuable documents I’ve ever come  across”.  Jeremy Brett, Better Investments



"I have read your excellent book and I cannot think of very much to add to it at all.  As I was going through it I kept thinking of things that might be useful, only to find they had already been included.  I thought it was a very comprehensive and extremely useful book for everyone to have.The major value is that there are so many items that can be filled in a long time before the individual needs them." Peter Green (aged 85)


"This book is such a good idea. It provides an opportunity for us to put all the important information about our lives in one place. The very information that people need after we are gone to deal with our affairs. This information includes where our Will is kept, our funeral ideas, organisations, professionals and individuals we have dealings with and details of friends and families we would want informed after our passing. There is also a more personal section allowing us to write messages to family and friends, and also to tell people a bit about our lives. Overall this book provides a practical but also very personal source of information about us as individuals which our loved ones can have after we are gone. It will be a great help to them in putting our affairs in order at a time of great emotion, but will also be a lovely keepsake for them." Dr. R E Williams 


"What an amazing idea this book is, most people don't want to talk about wills or their personal affairs, but this book enables you to put all of the information in one place, for your loved ones to be able to sort out your affairs quickly and efficiently, but more importantly to your own wishes, as they will have more than enough other things to deal with at the time." N Baker