Below is a list of the type of helping hand support we can provide.  We would be very happy to offer any other practical bereavement assistance you require, simply give us a call.


Post Funeral

  •  Memorial service, reception, the stonemason


The Home

  •  Identification, valuation/sale of valuable items

  •  Inventory of property contents

  •  House clearances arranged and supervised

  •  Finding/liaising with local tradesmen

  •  Liaise with estate agents for property rental or sale

  •  Postal redirection

  •  Secure disposal of confidential paperwork

  •  Utilities companies gas, electricity, water, telephone

  •  Re-homing family pets

  •  Insurance companies home; car; pets; other

  •  Bank accounts & private pension providers 

  •  TV licence

  •  Membership & subscriptions to clubs, libraries, associations.

  •  Withdrawal from social media - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook


The Car

  •  Road Tax

  •  Transfer of ownership

  •  Sale of vehicle/s


The Legal Business

Worthy Conclusions work with a close team of trusted professional partners, who support us by providing the additional specialist skills needed in areas such as will writing and independent financial advice etc.