Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am the executor for my late brother's estate.  He was a very social chap, member of numerous clubs and associations and quite frankly on top of everything else I need to do I am finding it quite a task writing to them all to notify them of his recent death; renewal letters and correspondence still arrive in the post for him which upsets my sister-in-law greatly.  How do you suggest I can keep on top of this?

A: Worthy Conclusions can give you as much or as little help as you require, when needed.  On your behalf we can contact anyone you wish to inform of your brothers passing; cancel memberships; request name changes where appropriate.  We can arrange for correspondence addressed to your late brother to be re-directed and dealt with appropriately and confidentially to minimise further upset to his family.

Q: I live in Yorkshire and am struggling to get enough time off work as I need to sort out my late father’s house which is near Oxford.  We have removed all of the paperwork and things that we want to keep.  We need to get the house ready to put on the market but are now left with odd bits of furniture and knickknacks which we do not have time to deal with, is this something you can help with?

A: Most certainly.  We understand how difficult it can be to manage something like this, it is made especially harder when trying to do so from a distance and in some cases from overseas.  We can arrange for the house to be cleared and even arrange for an expert to look over the items first (just in case there is anything valuable that you have missed).  If needed  we are also able to source reliable local trades people to provide you with quotes for any decorating, repairs, alterations you need doing and oversee the work for you.  Once the property is ready for sale, if required we can liaise with the estate agents / letting agents on your behalf.

Q: When I have been on Facebook recently I have noticed that Facebook keeps suggesting I might like to connect with a friend of a friend who passed away several months ago, how can I stop that from happening?

A: Worthy Conclusions, with the deceased families permission can liaise with all of the Social Media platforms to have the deceased’s accounts removed, frozen or memorialised 


Q: My husband recently passed away and  I am struggling to get through the list of things I know I need to sort out.  I like the idea of your services but am worried about running up a huge bill to cover your costs.
A: Services from Worthy Conclusions start at £35.00.  We closely monitor how much time we spend on your work and make sure that you are only charged for the time we spend dealing with your project.  If something takes a total of 2 hours spread over one month you will only be charged 2 hours.   In some instances we have agreed on an upper time/cost limit at the request of a client.


Q: I am not sure what to do with a sum of money I have been left in my partners will, are you able to help me find the best place to invest it?

A; Worthy Conclusions are not financial advisors, however over a number of years we have built long trusting relationships with  skilled professional service providers such as Independent Financial Advisors who  we are more than happy to recommend to help you.



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