Worthy Conclusions Are Here To Help You

We are here for among others... 

  • Individuals who have lost loved ones

  • Families who no longer live nearby and are finding the distance is hampering closure of affairs 

  • Executors who need a helping hand

We understand how painful losing a loved one can be.

We bring calm and compassionate practical assistance by sensitively removing the administrative burden for you, making bereavement much easier to deal with.

Worthy Conclusions provides sensitive and practical assistance at a time in our lives when we most need it. When we lose a member of our family, or someone very close to us, the subsequent arrangements and practicalities can seem overwhelming; all of this when we’re already grappling with our own emotions.

We recognise and fully understand the conflicting emotions and pain that comes with grief. At Worthy Conclusions, we sensitively and unobtrusively remove some of the administrative burden for you. 


We can look after such things as re-homing pets, clearing the home, securely disposing of confidential paperwork, redirecting the post, contacting utilities companies and more.


Our involvement with you at this time is entirely bespoke and family-led. We work around your priorities in order to provide you with as much or as little practical support as you need, and then you simply leave it with us.


Worthy Conclusions, based in Kidlington Oxfordshire, is owned and managed by Lin Worthy, an experienced and professional Virtual PA, very adept at providing an extra pair of hands – exactly when and where you need them.  

If you would like to know more about how Worthy Conclusions can support you, please contact Lin


Telephone: 01683 300651

Mobile: 07554 019240

Email: lin@worthyconclusions.co.uk